To Cut the Story Short
Once upon a time there was boy who loved to draw. He drew instead of going outside to play, he drew while he was in class (and got in trouble for it), he drew at the supper table and he drew on things he probably shouldn’t have drawn on (and got in trouble for that too).

When he grew up he was swept away by the computer age and became an IT guy. But something weighed heavily upon his brow, that love of art and exploring the infinite possibilities of his imagination through drawing. He began crafting desktop wallpaper designs on deviantArt and suddenly he realized, “This is what I want to do! I want to do design!”

So he ditched his IT job and went back to attend the Institute of Art. He chose to follow his own path after school.

That boy, who loved to draw, doodle and spawn multitudes of gray hairs upon the heads of his parents, is me. My name is Hussnain Mahmood and Thoughtful Design is my design studio. I would love the opportunity to amaze you!